Monday, June 28, 2010

5 Petal Paper Rose Tutorial

I used EK Success Jumbo Flower Punch.

Cut an X in the middle of the first flower, cut two petals off the second flower and one petal off the third flower. Sponge the edges of petals,

Using a stylus or round skewer to roll petals. Overlap petals and glue, use a paperclip to hold until dry. Roll the single petal and glue.
I used liquid glass to glue my flowers together.

Roll the first petal of the "two" petal into a cone and let the second petal fold over.


Clip the ends of the cone centers and glue the single cone into the cone with folded petal.

Glue the rest of the "cones" together off setting the petals.

Put glue around the base of flower and stick the flower into the "X" and press petals up and hold till set.

Cut bottom of flower so it will lay flat. Attach to artwork with liquid glass or glue dots.


  1. Your roses are amazing! Thanks for the pictures and tutorial. I really need to try to make one of the beautiful little darlings. Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

  2. LOVELY! thanks for the instructions!

  3. These are amazing thank you for sharing the instructions i really need to try these

  4. So delicate. Many thanks for such detailed instructions.

  5. That is so pretty!! Thanks for sharing with us and instructions!!

  6. have linked to your blog post today for this fab tutorial
    Jo xxxx