Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quick Color Tutorial

You need a sheet of Glossy cardstock, an x-acto knife, sponges and inkpads. Stamp the image as many times as it has parts. The hedgehog only has two, so I stamped two images. Cut out the back and then cut out the body.

Stamp the hedghog in bamboo on white daisy or colonial white cs.

Use black marker to color nose and eye.
Place the template over the body and sponge with bamboo, swiping from the glossy cs onto the image, continue until it is the color you want. Swipe chocolate ink onto the feet, tummy and head to highlight

Place template over the back of hedgehog and start sponging with brown bag, swiping from the glossy cs onto the image. Do not completely cover the bamboo.

Still using template use chocolate ink to hightlight the back, swiping from the glossy cs.

Here is the finished image.

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  1. Great looking hedgehog. And your step-by-step photos and instructions are fabulous. This is a technique that I just don't ever think about doing. Think I am scared of by having to use an Exacto Knife to cut out the pieces. lol